Powering possibility

DKK Partners offers the only platform for quick, secure access to currencies in both emerging and established markets.

Why we exist

Organizations in emerging and frontier markets are under-served by financial services—especially in terms of global FX liquidity.

What we do

Powering possibility, DKK provides high-quality FX and settlement services to empower organizations operating in under-served markets to realize their ambitions.

How are we different

We combine global FX expertise and a robust financial network with expertise in local markets to deliver a fast, safe, effective and high-quality service that lets businesses in all geographies take part in global financial opportunities.

Home introduction
Home introduction

How we do it

We provide quick, secure access to currencies in established and emerging markets worldwide.


Fast access to currency and a frictionless experience, enabled via stablecoin rails or SWIFT, and on-the-ground service capabilities.


Guaranteed confidence from regulated, compliant technology and global credibility that allows access to secure funds at all times.


Consistent, reliable access to currencies and liquidity, enabled through our local presence, global partnership network and banking experience.

The best ideas can’t be realized if ambition is under-served. Progress needs liquidity, it needs reliability, it needs access. It needs limitations to be broken and connections to be made.

DKK Partners is here to support and empower organizations in frontier markets that are struggling against fragmented financial ecosystems, and which have limited access to global FX.

It also helps organizations in established markets manage currency risk, to do business in these developing markets securely.

We do this using an industry-wide network, local experience, technology and our own unique platform for quick, secure, access to currencies in both emerging and established markets—to give organizations everything they need to unlock liquidity and open up new possibilities.

About us landing

A blend of top-notch financial solutions with a deeply human touch.

Today, DKK Partners stands as a global presence, carefully expanding from one market to the next. Our vision is to become a trusted, internationally recognized partner, dedicated to bringing world-class banking solutions to every corner of the globe, while maintaining the personal connection that makes us unique.

DKK Partners Founders Khalid Talukder and Dominic Duru

Revolutionizing finance with
a human touch.

The inception of DKK Partners was more than just a business move; it was a risk taken by two forex experts committed to driving change.

Meet Khalid and Dominic, the pioneering duo behind DKK Partners, where Tier 1 banking meets human-centered service.

With a combined expertise divning over 15 years, Khalid Talukder and Dominic Duru embarked on a mission to make forex more accessible for developing markets, and to make sure their clients never felt misled or in the dark.

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