DKK Partners provide open, proficient, and intuitive access to emerging FX markets.

Why we exist?

Organizations in emerging and frontier markets are under-served by financial services— especially in terms of global FX liquidity

What we do?

“Powering possibility” DKK provides high-quality FX and settlement services to empower organizations operating in underserved markets to realize their ambitions.

How we’re different?

We combine global FX expertise and a robust financial network with expertise in local markets to deliver a fast, safe, effective and high-quality service that lets businesses in all geographies take part in global financial opportunities.

DKK Partners Chicago boulevard
DKK Partners Chicago boulevard

Our process

We provide quick, secure access to currencies in established and emerging markets worldwide.


Fast access to currency and a frictionless experience, enabled via stablecoin rails or SWIFT, and on-the-ground service capabilities.


Guaranteed confidence from regulated, compliant technology and global credibility that allows access to secure funds at all times.


Consistent, reliable access to currencies and liquidity, enabled through our local presence, global partnership network and banking experience.

DKK offers the only platform for quick, secure access to currencies in both emerging and established markets.

DKK specializes in emerging and frontier markets. Customers in these high-growth markets are mobile-first, more attuned to alternative finance, and generally underserved by traditional financial services. In addition, global organizations wishing to grow or operate in these markets face a considerable volatility and risk, limiting opportunities on both sides.

DKK Partners Chicago boulevard

Financial services


Legacy systems, slow transaction times and lack of immediate FX liquidity.

Effective executions

Smooth project executions, financial transparency, and effective fund management.

Global market access

Our global market access lets us provide essential international pools of USD liquidity, strengthening local banks and empowering local businesses to grow to build the foundation for a robust domestic economy.

DKK Partners Chicago boulevard

Non-governmental organizations


Delays in payments, unfavorable exchange rates and operational complexities.

Efficient process

Efficient procurement process, stable budgets, profitable operations, and maintaining strong supplier relationships.

Network of partners

Our extensive network of partners allows us to quickly mobilize local funds, ensuring help arrives within hours (not days) to make a significant, timely difference in people’s lives.

DKK Partners Chicago boulevard

Importers and Exporters


Currency volatility affecting profit margins and slow and expensive international transfers.

Diverse offerings

Enhancing client satisfaction, diversifying product offerings, and penetrating new markets.

Our support

We have been instrumental in supporting importers and exporters operating in developing markets with rapid access to G10 and emerging currencies, so they can do more business faster worldwide.

DKK Partners Chicago boulevard

Digital Exchanges

Access, security and liquidity

Lack of deep liquidity, infrastructure challenges and security concerns.


Expanding platform offerings, gaining user trust, and enhancing transaction speeds and security.


We power local operations by combining the latest payment technology with in-country presence and local expertise to help clients reduce currency exposure and costs, and gain certainty on their working capital cycle.

DKK Partners Chicago boulevard
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