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At DKK we support businesses importing and paying overseas suppliers with access to frontier markets liquidity pools

Manage risk with robust hedging solutions and help keep business budgets and future plans on track

EM Liquidity

Unrivalled liquidity across emerging and frontier market currencies.

Direct access to competitive, real-time pricing and execution across hundreds of frontier, emerging and G10 market currencies.

One-stop entry point for day-to-day exposures in FX, balances, and risk, monitoring market fluctuations, real-time, competitive pricing and live market news feeds.

White Label

Offer our services as your own with a partnership tailored to your needs.

Start your very own business offering the best in class FX, Payment & Cash Management solutions the market has to offer whilst having the full support of DKKs Operations teams every step of your journey.

A Complete offering under your own brand.

A market leading client facing and dealing portal, client registration forms and trade documentation - everything is rebranded allowing you to develop your own brand equity.

No license requirements - Avoid the cost and risks associated with obtaining and maintaining a license, instead utilise DKK Emerging Markets coverage.

Flexible via our bespoke solutions

Virtual IBAN

VIRTUAL IBAN FOR PAYMENTS BUSINESSES - Multi-currency, multi-jurisdictional accounts for your customers.

Our Virtual IBAN solution gives Payments businesses a crucial competitive edge by enabling you to offer international business bank accounts to your own customers.

Virtual IBAN accounts unlock access to new territories and currencies – your customers can make and receive payments to unique addressable IBANs in multiple jurisdictional formats via local and cross border payment rails.