Lord Elliott of Mickle Fell

Board Advisor

Matthew Elliott is one of the UK’s foremost public policy thinkers and strategists, having overseen two nationwide referendum campaigns, and worked alongside senior politicians from all the major political parties in the UK. In recent years he has used his understanding of economic and geopolitical trends to provide strategic insight and recommendations for international businesses. This work has included advising one of London's leading independent investment banks, and working alongside the founders of a British startup that grew from a team of 6 to a workforce of 150 employees in the space of three years.

As a Board Advisor to DKK Partners, Matthew provides strategic counsel for DKK’s growth ambitions, including providing market intelligence to ensure the brand has a truly global reach. He is also co-founder and President of the Jobs Foundation, a new charity that champions the role of business as a force for good, and is a member of the UK's House of Lords.

"Foreign exchange is the lubricant of international trade, and the pathway to global prosperity."

Lord Elliott of Mickle Fell
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