Sheeraz Saleem


Sheeraz Saleem, with over two decades of transformative leadership in technology across various industries, brings invaluable expertise to the Board of Directors. With a distinguished background in banking, regulatory affairs, and media, Sheeraz serves as the driving force behind DKK's technological evolution.

Mastering cutting-edge solutions, Sheeraz seamlessly aligns technology with corporate goals, propelling DKK to new heights within foreign exchange in Emerging Markets. Beyond his role, he fosters collaboration between teams, swiftly navigating complex challenges. His calm and purposeful approach ensures a seamless transition from challenge awareness to effective solutions, facilitating a path for others to follow.

Sheeraz isn't just a tech leader; he's a collaborative problem-solver who thrives on challenges. Beyond his technical prowess, he champions ethical business practices and actively engages in community initiatives. Sheeraz shares valuable insights at industry events, contributing to the ongoing discourse in fintech.

"DKK: where fintech breaks barriers, code powers possibilities, and innovation fuels the future of finance."

Sheeraz Saleem
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